“Masculinity is a man made construct, is there any real basis on how I should feel, what jobs I should do and how I should react? Too many people are trapped by this social construct and deny true nature. Dance is a connection to both female and male energy but I don’t think of this as a gender, just ways we perceive our world and how to process information. Dance is my teacher, therapist and lover. It gives me opportunities to express anything without saying any word and I would have limited myself in many ways had I let society tell me what it is to be a man. My only concern is being human.”

When looking into greek mythology, the narrative of Orpheus explores the concepts of masculinity. He conveys a character of a dominant protector who has women falling at his feet – this is particularly evident in the Marcel Camus 1959 version. As well as these traditional masculine concepts, he is extremely emotional and expressive. He is described to be a lover of romance and has a profound effect on nature, so much so that he makes the sun rise with his music. It was the juxtaposition of his character that inspired these set of images. The project involved creating a conversation with dancers on their battle between what it is to be a man. The movement of the body simply emphasises the constant fight between emotional suppression vs expression.

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